Part 1 — How We Went From INR 0 to INR 200 Cr Run Rate In Just 12 Months

  • At Flinto, it is always Child-First. We compromise on nothing to ensure that a child’s play and learning is fun, hands-on and holistic
  • It was the Summer holidays in India — a time for children to be free of “studies”; a time for them to explore, play — not sit in front of a laptop for the sake of it
  • Ask anybody and they would tell you that early learning CANNOT be delivered over ZOOM classes :)
  • We also had to understand what frequency was the right frequency for digital preschooling
  • We needed to understand the willingness of parents to don the hat of a teacher (while keeping parent intervention as little as possible)
  • We had to ensure the program was more child-driven than parent-driven



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Arunprasad Durairaj

Arunprasad Durairaj

Co-Founder & CEO, Flinto - The largest and fastest-growing preschool